ART series



this is perfection

Your Grand-daddy would be proud. Touch screen powered. Push button operated. Its your choice. Yep, we're backwards in looking forwards. But thats the way we like it. 

Each Art Series is made from FSC Victorian Blackwood and complimented with African wenge, glass and polished brass. Master craftsmen then prepare, assemble and finish each unit by hand, in a process that takes 3-4 months, ready for delivery. Perfection.


limited edition

join the club 

Art Series photo booths are limited to a run of just 20 units per year, worldwide. This is a truly unique, and an extremely limited edition product that very few people will ever own. Each photo booth is totally unique, special, and beautiful in its own way. This is an opportunity to offer your clients something that no one else can. 


experience counts

Right now, there is a golden opportunity in this industry to be better, much better than everyone else. Don't compete on price. Don't compete on features. Don't do what everyone else is doing. Create a unique, kickass experience with products and services that people will lust for. There is simply no other photo booth on the market that has the "retro-lux" appeal of the Art Series. 


A statement of  design

Designed by the team of photographers and craftsmen behind The Photo Booth Guys. Stephen Bliesner, Sophie Greensill, Les Dohrahy and Evan Dunstone have spent years, designing, re-designing, adjusting, and perfecting the Art Series photo booth. Each unit is carefully handmade in Australia, from only the absolute best materials available.