General: How to Backup your existing Breeze settings
This video shows you how to make a backup of all your settings (including Profiles and Shortcuts) in Breeze DSLR Remote Pro 3.7.1 and above. 

General: Changing and Saving settings
This video will walk you through the process of changing and saving settings in The Lab themes. Whilst essentially the same as how you would usually do it, there are a couple important steps to take note of.

General: Photoshop / Droplet Communications Error
This video suggests a couple options for fixing the (very annoying) Photoshop / Droplet communications error. It's important to note, that this error is not caused by either Breeze or The Lab's droplets, but rather it is a Photoshop / Windows issue. 

General: How to install The Lab themes
This video will show you how to install themes from The Lab


General: Social Media Sharing Templates
This video will show you where the social media sharing templates can be found, which ones can be edited along with how to make changes to the layout.


Hollywood: Changing skin softening strength
This video will take you through the process of changing the skin softening strength in Hollywood.



Miami: Understanding the basics
This video will give you a quick overview of the how Miami is launched, what the shortcut buttons are and where the corresponding files are saved. 

Miami: Bonus Print Layout
This video will show you where the bonus print layout can be found, and how to make basic edits to the file. 

Miami: Starting a Session
This video shows you how to start a photo booth session using one of the available modes / profiles (photobooth, photobooth + GIF and photobooth + video booth)