Installation Instructions




Before installing, please see section on backing up existing Profiles. 

You must be running Breeze DSLR Remote Pro 3.7 or higher. 

To use the skin softening feature, you must also be running Adobe Photoshop. Hollywood has been tested on PhotoShop CC

Please see the list of currently supported screen resolutions.

  1. To download Hollywood, please refer to the email you received. This will contain a link to a zip file.

    Once extracted you will see that there are two folders:

    1920x (for horizontal screens)
    1920 x 1080 / 1920 x 1200 / 1920 x 1280

    1280x (for horizontal screens)
    for 1280 x 800 / 1280 x 720
  2. Choose the resolution that that suits you and move that folder to somewhere useful on your computer (note: once you install Hollywood, you can't move the folders without having to reinstall or relink everything).
  3. Open the folder and drag the install file on to the main Breeze window. 

    Note: There are five versions of Hollywood you can install. Each install file is set to a different level of skin softening and that is represented in the file name. 

    install Hollywood 100.xml is full strength skin softening
    install Hollywood 75.xml has the skin softening set to 75%
    install Hollywood 50.xml has the skin softening set to 50%
    install Hollywood 25.xml has the skin softening set to 25%
    install Hollywood 0.xml has no skin softening at all

    Remember, to use skin softening you must have Adobe Photoshop installed on your photobooth. If you do not have Photoshop, or do not wish to use, then please use: 
    install Hollywood 0.xml
  4. Click Yes to the dialogue box to complete the install. All done.

Additional Steps

Delete Default Filters

Installed as standard in DSLR Remote Pro 3.7 are several pre-made filters. These seem to interfere when using filters stored in Profiles, so they must be removed (or deleted) otherwise the Hollywood Filters may not work properly.

They can be found here: 
C:\Program Files (x86)\BreezeSys\DSLR Remote Pro

Either delete them, rename them, or move them somewhere else

how to use it


You will notice that there are now a row of shortcut buttons across the top of DSLR Remote Pro. Most of what you need to do can be accessed via these shortcuts.

  • ADMIN (advanced settings)
  • LAYOUT (edit  / load print layout)
  • START (starts photo booth session)
  • LOAD PHOTO (loads the Hollywood standard photo profile)

To Start the Photo Booth

  1. Press the LOAD PHOTO button and press OK to the dialogue. (This loads the Hollywood menu profile)
  2. Press the START button to start the session


To Edit Settings

If you need to change any settings, you need to edit the appropriate profile. You can load the profile by clicking its shortcut button, and then clicking on the ADMIN (advanced settings) button.

The settings are saved in a file called default.xml which is saved in each folder of assets. 

To Exit of out of Photo Booth Mode

Tap the top left hand corner of the screen to exit back to the settings page.

To Load Print Layouts

To load your print layout, you first need to load the profile that contains the photo settings.

  1. Press the LOAD PHOTO shortcut (to load the photo profile) and then press the OK to the dialogue that will appear
  2. Press the LAYOUT shortcut and then adjust your print layout as required
  3. Press the OK button, and then press YES to the following two dialogue boxes.

Tips and tricks

Supported Screen Resolutions

Hollywood currently supports the following screen resolutions:

  • 1920 x 1080
  • 1920 x 1200
  • 1920 x 1280
  • 1280 x 800
  • 1280 x 720

Please note, if you are using a Surface Pro 3 or 4 change your screen resolution to 1920 x 1280.

If you are using another type of PC that has a higher screen resolution than the ones listed, change your screen resolution to one of the options listed above.

Delete Default Filters

Installed as standard in DSLR Remote Pro 3.7 are several pre-made filters. These seem to interfere when adding new ones, so they must be removed (or deleted). 

They can be found here: 
C:\Program Files (x86)\BreezeSys\DSLR Remote Pro


Profile Backups

Installing Hollywood will overwrite any custom Profiles you have set. If you are using custom Profiles, its a good idea to back them up. This can be easily done in the Profiles section of Advanced Settings, by using the "Save Profiles" option.

Please do this before installing Hollywood.


GIF Preview Timeout Settings

Breeze currently does not allow for a way to preview a GIF after the session, without having sharing enabled. So in order to show the preview, Hollywood has the SMS option turned on, but it is not actually being used. 

The preview defaults to 300 seconds. You might like to change this to something shorter, such as 4 seconds. 

This can be changed in the Output Settings in Advanced Settings.

Note: The time out setting is not saved into the profile, but rather the DSLR Remote Pro registry. In short, that means you can just make the changes and press the OK button (no need to save the profile).