scrapbook filter

The Scrapbook Filter is a Photoshop Droplet for Breeze for Windows that cuts people out of images, and creates a scrapbook type effect. Create a digital background to insert behind the guests.

No green screen required. 

Simply choose a background image and the droplet does the rest.


  • Breeze DSLR Remote Pro 3.7 and above

  • Photoshop CC 2019

How to use it

  1. Use the “Setup Image Editor” function in Breeze to assign the Droplet (nb: it is recommended to use the AHK method as per the instructions here as this will save a copy of the original photos)

  2. Create an 1800x1200px background image and save it as a jpeg (nb: version 1 of the filter is only tested with standard landscape images)

  3. Save the background image to c:\The Lab\Scrap Book Filter (you will need to create these folders)

  4. Set a “Processing Delay” in the output settings in DSLR Remote Pro to 10-15 seconds (this will vary depending on your PC)

  5. Run session.

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