Part Camera Array. Part Boomerang GIF. Boomarray.



Camera arrays are awesome, but they're also sort of hard and cumbersome to set up. Zip Slide makes it easy for anyone to get the magic of an array, with the added bonus of a boomerang gif. We like to call it... a Boomarray. 


our dirty secret

(its not a real array)

Yep - our dirty little secret is out. We'll be honest, camera arrays are totally awesome, totally awesome. But they're also a pain in the ass (to set up and to perfect) -  they're also beyond the technical scope of the mere mortal. But here's the thing -  you don't need multiple cameras and a fancy array rig to get the bullet time effect. It can be done with a single iPad on the Zip Slide. Its dead simple and so, so effective.  

Battery Powered

The most portable array in the world

Zip Slide is battery powered. No wires, no cables, no mess. A camera array you can take anywhere. A camera array that sets up in 20 seconds. Seriously.  A camera array that also doubles as a GIF booth. What more could you ask for?


array + Boomerang

ZipSlide gives you the creative freedom to do stuff that you just cant  do with a regular array... like Boomarrays. Some additional subtle movement really adds an extra layer of awesome sauce to your GIF - it gives you just the little bit of something special.