Art Series

Retro by nature. Kickass by design. The world’s most beautifully designed photo booth. Join an exclusive club of owners.



Limited edition.

Art Series photo booths are limited to a run of just 20 units per year, worldwide. This is a truly unique, and an extremely limited edition product that very few people will ever own. Each photo booth is totally unique, special, and beautiful in its own way. This is an opportunity to offer your clients something that no one else can. 

be the best. Have the best.

The Photo Booth Guys, (one of the worlds most successful photo booth companies) in just their second year of business,  had annual revenues of over $1.1 million. The success of their their business was built off the back of the Art Series photo booth. This is a product that will allow you to position yourself as a premium operator and help you command premium prices.

its the experience that counts.

Right now, there is a golden opportunity in this industry to be better, much better than everyone else. Don't compete on price. Don't compete on features. Don't do what everyone else is doing. Create a unique, kickass experience with products and services that people will lust for. There is simply no other photo booth on the market that has the "retro-lux" appeal of the Art Series. If you want the best - you have found it.  



handcrafted perfection


Designed by the team of photographers and craftsmen behind The Photo Booth Guys. Stephen Bliesner, Sophie Greensill, Les Dohrahy and Evan Dunstone have spent years, designing, re-designing, adjusting, and perfecting the Art Series photo booth. Each unit is carefully handmade in Australia, from only the absolute best materials available. They are carefully packed and shipped the world over.

A statement of craftsmanship, design and photographic excellence. This is for our family. This is for our friends. This is for you.


Retro Luxe. hipster wannabe.

Your Grand-daddy would be proud. Touch screen powered. Push button operated. Its your choice. Yep, we're backwards in looking forwards. But thats the way we like it. 

Art Series photo booths are made from a combination of solid and re-sawn FSC Victorian blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon) from the Otway Ranges. Chosen for not only its stunning looks, but also it's durability.

Each Art Series photo booth is further complimented with African wenge, glass and polished brass. Master craftsmen then prepare, assemble and finish each unit by hand, in a process that takes 4-6 weeks, ready for delivery. Perfection.


Fast. Light. Easy.

Time is money and money is time, so we made Art Series photo booths not only super simple to setup but super quick too. Open the legs, attach the head, screw on the light and plug into power and you're ready to go. 

weightlifters need not apply.

In their carry bag, the Art Series legs weigh in at just under 20 lbs and 53" x 6" x6". These will easily fit in small cars with the back seat down, or across the back seat in larger cars.

The head, in its bag (and with all its internal bits and pieces*), comes in at about 33lbs and 18" x 14" x 18". With its two carry handles, this is a really manageable case for anyone to get in and out of their car.

flash, beauty dish and other accessories not included



A programmable button that is compatible with any photo booth software that supports keyboard shortcuts. Start button. Print button. Mystery button... do with it what you will.  All we know is that it's the ultimate retro accessory to your booth.



As beautiful as our photo booth is, it still has to stand up to the rigour of every day use. We use the Elo 10.1" touch screen, a commercial grade piece of equipment that is designed to stand the test of over excited guests at your events. 


Camera Tilt 

We've all been blessed with differing heights, and so Art Series makes it super simple to quickly adjust the angle of the camera. With the squeeze of a trigger, the camera can be tilted up down, left or right in just a second.


Duck fat power CABLES

We use Duck Fat brand, fabric power cables. Why? Because we're not ashamed in showing off our power cables - especially when they're as kick ass as these ones. That's why.


Power up

Art Series photo booths come with a custom made power supply and cabling, all pre-wired. No seperate power bricks, no power boards, no messy cables. Just a single power lead connected to main power and you are ready to go. It can't get any easier. 

custom carry bags

You can sleep sound at night knowing that your beautiful baby is resting safe, snug and sound in its very own custom bedding (umm.. carry case).  Hard walls and thick foam make sure that he (or she) will survive all the knocks and bumps.