Hey there, Im Junior.

Junior is an iPad based photo booth that is super portable, has retro good looks, is fast to setup, can be battery operated and, most importantly, has beauty dish lighting to make people look (even more) beautiful.


junior + GIFs

GIFs are so hot right now, and Junior is a GIF making monster. Plain, boomerang, fancy overlays... yep, people love em, and Junior makes em. Give the people what they want, and get a retro styled GIF booth in to your product mix. 


Fast Setup

Waltz in to the venue like it’s nobodies business! A photo booth you can setup in record time. Screw the legs together, attach the head, turn the iPad on. You’re up and running in 30 seconds.


Travels Small

Junior packs up really small and neatly fits in to the included rugged travel case. The case is tough, has wheels and a handle to pull it along. It also has cut outs for spare batteries and power packs. Everything you want in a case.


Beautiful Lighting

Image quality is everything and to achieve that, you need the best lighting. Junior uses a beauty dish to achieve the most beautiful lighting the the industry has seen in an iPad booth. See the difference.

Image taken with Breeze Booth
Courtesy of
The Photo Booth Guys.


Battery Operated

No cables. No gaffa tapping. No worrying about where the nearest power point is. Junior can be 100% battery operated. The lights will run for 3-4 hours off a single battery, and the carry case has enough room for 4 batteries, all neatly tucked away.

* batteries not included
+ Junior can also be mains powered



With Junior, you’re not locked in to any one photo booth app, so choose the one you love most. If you are looking for recommendations, we suggest SnapPic or Breeze Booth.




Tech Specs


  • Construction: Red Oak and Aluminium
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • iPad Support: 10.5” Pro or 9.7”
  • Batteries: not included
  • Travel Case

  • Dimensions (w x l x h): 25.5” x 25.5” x 14.5”
  • Weight (including Junior): 44lbs