The NEW Hollywood


Filter only

If you are only using the Skin Softening Filter (aka Droplet) then set up is very simple. Just follow these steps:

Adding the Droplet to Breeze

The download contains a folder called Droplets, and in here, are two Droplets:

  • Hollywood-Medium.exe (medium strength skin softening)
  • Hollywood-Strong.exe (strong-er strength skin softening)

You can save these files wherever you like (but keep in mind, once you have added them to Breeze, you can't move them without having to relink in Breeze). 

In Breeze:

  • File > Setup Image Editor
  • Check the option: "Use the command line below"
  • Click the icon with three dots - and then navigate to where you have saved the Droplets, and select the one you wish to use. 
  • Check the option: "Automatically edit the image when is a photo is taken"
  • From the drop down, select: "Edit JPG images only"
Screen Recording 2018-04-04 at 09.24 am.gif

If you have the existing Hollywood theme

Simply rename the droplet you want to use to "droplet.exe" and replace the one you are currently using. 

Adding a processing delay

Depending on the speed of your computer, you may need to add a processing delay to the end of each session in Breeze. This essentially allows the skin softening droplet enough time to finish processing the last photo, before Breeze generates the print layout / GIF etc. 

In Breeze:

  • Open Photo Booth Settings
  • Click on the "Settings" button, in "Output Options"
  • Set "Delay before creating Print Layout (secs)" to 6 seconds (you may need to play around with this number).
  • Close and save your settings



Saving Copy of Processed Photos

If you are also using our custom color / bw filters, you will also need to check the option to save the Processed version of the photos. 

In Breeze:

  • Open Photo Booth Settings
  • Click on the "Settings" button, in "Output Options"
  • Check the option "Save processed copy of photos"
  • Close and save your settings

Using the Colour / BW Filters

Hollywood also includes two custom filters that you can optionally use. These can be found in the "Filters" folder.  NB: if you are also using the NEW Hollywood theme, you can ignore this step, as the filters are pre-installed.

In Breeze:

  • copy the filters to your folder of screen assets
  • Open Photo Booth Settings
  • From the "Print Photos in" menu, select Filter1 (for BW) and Filter2 (for Colour)
  • You will also need to ensure that you are saving a copy of the processed folders (see above). 



How it works in practice

When you take a photo, the droplet will run, and process the photo in the background. 

  • a copy of the original photo is saved in to a folder called "originals"
  • the photo in the event folder, will be the one with the skin softening applied
  • if you are using the colour / bw filter (and checked the option to save processed copies of the photos), the version with the colour / bw filter and the skin smoothing will be saved in to the "Processed folder"